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Our mission is to help pizzerias across the UK deliver an authentic Italian pizza experience to their clients with gluten intolerance and those of whom simply love the gluten-free lifestyle for its health benefits.

Growing up in Italy, with a passion for pizza, going out with friends who were gluten intolerant was quite difficult at times. They had very few choices and could simply never enjoy the food the way the rest of the group did.

Pizzerias would serve gluten free pizzas that were not only tasteless, but looked unappealing. I quickly realised there was a gap in the market and began to devote a great deal of time to learning about gluten free food and coeliac disease. I also learnt how difficult it was to make pizza without gluten and how difficult it was to bake gluten free bases to create an authentic crust.

After many trials, errors and some obvious disasters in my bakery, my team and I finally cracked the code to creating the perfect gluten free pizza base that looked and tasted like an authentic Italian pizza base. We now work to supply pizzerias right across the UK with our highly artisanal, tasty, gluten free pizza bases, ensuring all their customers share in the fun and culinary experience, even if they are gluten intolerant. Antonella Vecciu | Owner


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