Your Gateway to Artisanal Gluten Free Pizza Bases

Bocconcini Bakery – Your Gateway to Artisanal Gluten Free Pizza Bases

Bocconcini Bakery is a name that has become synonymous with artisanal gluten free pizza bases in the UK within a short span of time.  Located in the heart of London, Bocconcini bakery runs on passion to deliver an authentic Italian pizza experience for gluten intolerant people.  The pizza bases prepared at Bocconcini are also a boon for people who simply love the gluten-free lifestyle for its health benefits.

Passion for Pizzas

It all started in Italy where the founder and owner of Bocconcini Bakery, Antonella Vecciu, grew up.  Going out with friends who were gluten intolerant proved to be a challenge for her.  They had very few choices and could rarely enjoy the food that others relished.  The fact that at least one percent of people suffer from Gluten intolerance, or Coeliac disease, became an inspiration to start a bakery that caters to both health and taste.  The gluten free pizza bases available at pizzerias were tasteless and unappealing.  All these challenges prompted the Antonella to devote more and more time in learning about gluten-free food.


Success Through Trial and Error

Bringing taste and gluten free ingredients together was a difficult task.  But after a series of trials and errors and some culinary disasters the team of Bocconcini crack the code to creating the perfect gluten free pizza base that looked and tasted like an authentic Italian pizza base.  This ingenious recipe was the result of years of hard work and dedication of the team.  Bocconcini now supply pizzerias across the UK with highly artisanal, tasty, gluten free pizza bases, ensuring customers at UK pizzerias, restaurants and cafes can now relish in the real taste of authentic Italian pizzas, even if they are gluten intolerant.

The Ingenious Recipe

The gluten free pizza bases from Bocconcini Bakery are individually hand stretched. These bases are a carefully selected blend of Italian, artisanal, and gluten free flour that give them their distinctive taste and superior nutritional value.  “Passion for great taste is the basic ingredient of each pizza base that we prepare” says Antonella.  “All our pizza bases are both healthy and tasty and contain nutritional properties like psyllium and a variety of good bacteria that make them a healthy choice. Psyllium is not only a great nutrient, but also a laxative and a bulking agent which is highly effective in the treatment of obesity. It aids digestion, lowers cholesterol and insulin levels and helps good bacteria to grow.  The gluten free pizza bases at Bocconcini Bakery are dairy and lactose free, which means people with lactose intolerance can also enjoy an authentic Italian pizza experience.


  1. Can’t find anywhere online what the ingredients are in this base since it’s served at Franca Manca… I am gluten free and also can’t eat oats even if they’re gluten free. The ingredients list should be published here, or somewhere for different allergens beyond gluten.

    • Hi thank you for contacting us.
      Main ingredients of our Pizza base are: Cornstarch, rice flour, potato starch, dextrose, Vegetable Fiber: Psyllium, Fructose, Vegetal fiber: Inulin, Stabilizer: Sorbitol, Oil, Salt, Yeast.
      Please don’t hesitate to contact us again.


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